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Our Continued Mission


The P+P Mission is and will always be to aid in comfort, safety, and independence of its customers while also staying affordable for any budget. Whether your needs are for commercial, private health, or individual use, P+P's product line helps people in need become more comfortable and safer while dealing with unfortunate circumstances caused by illness, accident or surgery. Absolute customer satisfaction and unlimited personal attention to each one of our clients is the backbone of our lasting and proven business model.








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About Our Products

The P+P product line consists of easy to use and extremely affordable options for people in need. Each Cover and SOC has tight and secure seals to prevent water leaks. All of the P+P products are disposable to help prevent complications caused by infection. The best part about the cast protectors and PICC line covers, you’re able to continue with your daily routine with minimal interruption and inconvenience. Don’t let your medical situation get in the way of your life!

                                                                                                                                Other Product Details:

  •                                                                             - Two seal tight elastic bands create a latex-free barrier around your cast or PICC line.
  •                                                                             - The P+P PICC line & IV tubular bandage covers come in different sizes for arms and legs.
  •                                                                             - The waterproof PICC line sleeves protect PICC line entry points effectively and gently.
  •                                                                             - Long term IV line and dialysis catheter patients can easily use the PICC line covers.



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